This is baby ‘A’ sleep peacefully in her crib. From birth little miss was swaddled and slept in her swing. These are both tips from Happiest Baby on the Block that I could not live with out. Baby ‘A’ schedule surrounded her optimal wake time. For example at 3 months she was able to stay awake for 45 before she needed a nap. Because I started her routine before the 45 min mark, she happily went into her swing swaddled wide awake. This helped her to fall asleep without mom or dad rocking as well as helped her take long naps and have minimal night waking. It was blissful! If only she could be swaddled for the rest of her life.

Well the day came where the swing was barely moving because she was so heavy, and the swaddle was becoming dangerous because little one was learning to roll. It was officially time to transition ** eeeKKKKKKK*** mess up my perfect sleeping baby. What a frightening thing. Actually not so frightening after all.

I typically suggest transitions done at bedtime because babe is most tired at this time and usually protest less but there is another toddler in the house that goes to sleep at the same time and this transition would essentially disrupt the entire house. Baby ‘a’s transition started at her afternoon nap. Boy was she angry that I put her in that crib. “what is this? why doesn’t it move? and why on earth can I put my hands in my mouth right now?!?” I am guessing this what she was thinking. She protested through her entire afternoon nap. I went in and got her after the designated nap time and we tried again at her early evening nap. This nap was at 3 pm. She protested for 15 min. she then woke 30 min later protested for 10 min and back to sleep. pheeew! not so bad!

We then moved on to bed time at 7 on the dot I put said baby in her sleep sac (no swaddle) and placed her in crib. She protested for 10 min then out. She woke a total of 4 times. 2 of which were designated eating times. The other two were protest crying which only lasted about 4 min each. NIGHT ONE Complete!! The following day she provided us with about 5 minutes of protest crying at each nap and not a peep at bedtime. We had our sweet sleeping baby back.

The moral of the story is when you choose to transition it is imperative that you have a schedule in place prior to. This will be your guide on how and when to react to babies cry.

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