Baby R fast asleep with his lovey on his face. (a common soothing thing babies do)

Baby R is a sweet 6 month old who every night slept on dad to begin with then took a small feeding before he was put in his rock ‘n’ play, he then took one more middle of the night feed and up at about 7. Doesn’t sound so bad right?!?! Well naps were another story. Most naps had to be in the stroller, car, and if they were lucky in the swing. Mom and Dad have tried to get baby R in the crib before but were unsuccessful until last night! Here are mom’s notes.

640- tubby
655- lotion pjs in room- screaming
705- bottle
730- finished 6 oz , was giving tired cues, in crib, screaming
750- sleeping 🙂
1015- dream feed – ate 2 oz
1220- woke up, whimpered a bit and back to sleep a few mns later
1- woke up,coughed, little whimper and back to sleep
450- eyes open, fidgeting and playing with lovie
540- light crying/fidgeting
555- sleeping?
645am- awake/crying! Up
(when I put question marks next to if he was sleeping it was because he was facing away from monitor so I couldn’t tell if his eyes were closed)
Stay tuned for baby R’s night two and  nap progress !!

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