Baby Z’s Mom’s notes on night 3

Afternoon nap:

11:36 put Z down for nap. She seemed very tired at this point and not worth waiting another 30 minutes as we are shooting for 12 PM. I nursed her a little and put her down. She is now crying but I know she is tired.
11:38 I don’t hear a peep! I’m thinking this is a record breaker possibly 1 minute of cry. My Abig sister L happened to be here and witness this miracle.
1:25pm – Z woke up from her nap happy as a clam. This is nearly a two hour nap which only happens on occasion typically. I think this is a very good sign that Z is getting better sleep already! Hallelujah!

6:49- just put Zoe down. Gave her a little boob but noticed she could easily fall asleep so I took her off and told her “night night mommy loves you.” I noticed she was extremely tired by 5:30 PM today. Per Mattie’s suggestion I pushed it out till 630ish and by the time I laid her down she was pretty tired.
6:54 she is starting to cry again.
Check 1 but oh wait now it’s quiet. The crying came back but by the time I got to her bedroom and quietly opened the door and noticed she is laying down the cry was gone. I’m thinking the time to check in would be if she were to sit up. Clearly if I were to pat her back and give her assurance she would wake up and it would start all over again. I don’t want to interrupt the natural flow of her falling asleep right now. Overall crying time so far it’s five minutes.
11:22 some movement and fuss but still sleeping. False alarm? We will see.
11:43 starting to move. Still not awake.
11:56 “mama”
12:11 “mama” “mama”
12:15 slight groan
2:15 I woke up feeling hot and a little paranoid of what the temp was like in LOs room. My body is still adjusting to NOT waking up and so I’m realizing I too need to be sleep trained to this nice adjustment.
6:15 okay I woke up again because I haven’t heard a peep from Zoe for hours. I had to go and check on her to make sure she is okay. This is so unusual. Normally I’d at least hear slight groans and signs of the beginning phase of waking but nothing. I went in her room only to see LO sound asleep on her tummy. I stared at her for a while and even touched her back to be sure there was movement. She flinched and that gave me the reassurance I needed so I could leave and let her continue to peacefully sleep.
6:55 brought Z in our room and gave her a full nurse. It’s amazing to be able to give a full nurse and not a partial nurse, I’ve read that when you cluster feed the baby misses out on the hind milk which has important nutrients. I love having lots of milk to give first thing in the morning.
All in all what an amazing night! This is the most sleep we have all gotten in a long time. Thank you Lord!🙌
I still can’t believe how smooth this has all gone. Let me reiterate – Z slept all through the night until 7 AM!! This is only night three and we had a full night already. It appears the main thing I need to work on is not jumping up out of my sleep in paranoia. I might have a little PTSD from waking up throughout the night for the last 17 1/2 months. 🙂

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