Baby Z was a Co-Sleeping Breast Fed 17 month old who had been waking 3-7 times a night to comfort nurse. She took short naps and mom knew she needed a little help in the sleep department.


Transition Baby Z  to her crib for all sleep (naps and bedtime.)

Night wean sweet babe

Lengthen naps and ultimately transition to 1 afternoon nap.

Method: Modified Extinction Training where there were periodic checks on babe after being set in crib. Although I do not typically suggest checks as in my experience it has prolonged crying. I felt that it was appropriate as the child was slightly older than the average baby I help coach. (Average baby is between 5-9 months of age)

Here is her first night!

7:20pm -lay her down for night night told her I love her and closed the door. High pitch. Very unnerving.

7:25pm -1st check. Screamed bloody murder. Picked her up and held her for about 10 seconds. Told her I love you and time for night night. Laid her back down in her crib. Screamed bloody murder. Quietly walked out. Looked at the clock it was 7:26.
Now I know I have 10 min before my next check and this is the part I’m dreading. She cried bloody murder. 7:30 – About 4 min later her cry went down to a lower pitch. Called sleep consultant Mattie. Spoke to her until it was time to go into her 2nd check.
I stared at the clock for the last two min of the wait.
7:26 pm – finally!! The time has arrived baby ‘z’ is asleep!
8:19 a little 3 second cry in her sleep.
10:49am night wake. Sweet baby’s foot was stuck in between the bars in her crib. I felt so bad leaving her there. I broke the rule again and picked her up when I saw she was hurt and stuck. I comforted her and let her know she is fine and gave her lovey and told her I love her now it’s time for night night. She screamed and cried hysterically but I repeated night night I love you and exited.
10:56 made it back to our room. Baby cried total of 7 min.
11:07 slight whimper cry called for mama
11:10 slight whimper cry
11:13 soft whimper then quiet
11:19 soft whimper then quiet
11:26 soft whimper
11:36 slight whimper
11:30 SL
3:00am whimper
3:05 daddy went in and laid her back down, told her night night I love you and repeated laying down a couple more times. Crying elevated at first but simmered down. Came back 3:06.
I want to say total crying time 3-4 minutes.
3:10 soft whimper (feeling a little stronger at this point as the soft whimpers are not nearly as bad. Her sweet little voice calling mama is hard but not nearly what I had in mind)
Okay at 3:16 the calls for mama are very soft along with gentle groans. Technically now would be the time to check back but we’re almost afraid to as it may re-energize her. We feel it’s best to go another 5 just to be sure! At 3:20 a slight groan.
3:23 it’s been pretty quiet!
3:35 a little call for mama in her sleep and then back to quiet
3:53am another mild whimper. This time she’s mumbling mama.
6:11 chunky mama woke up. I went down to get her and brought her into our bed. Could not wait for this moment. At last! We missed her but it sure felt great having our bed to ourselves. 1st night complete! We did it! Wasn’t so bad.

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