When your child is experiencing Sleep issues, it can take a huge toll on all areas of life. Lack of sleep for both the parents and child can have debilitating affects. If your child has a Sleep issue, more than likely you already know it, however some of you may realize there is problem. If that is you, the affect of Sleep issues may have not set in yet. The following graphic has a list of common Sleep issues catagorized… Read more »

The Power of the Routine I think it’s pretty easy to say that most of us know what a structured routine can do for a person’s mind, body, and soul. We all know how much better we feel when we have a routine and stick to it! The same principle applies to your child’s sleep. Younger children are often times given the pass on a routine because their parents have crazy schedules, or their older brother/sister’s soccer practice ran late… Read more »

We recently went on a 3 day weekend vacation to the beautiful Dardanelle, Ca. The weekend was spent exploring, fishing, cooking over the campfire, spending time with family, and getting some much needed unplugged rest time. Since Abigail has just begun sleeping in a big girl bed, it wasn’t likely that I would get her to sleep in the portable crib. The first night was mildly difficult because she was so excited and distracted that asking her to go to… Read more »

It has been a struggle at our house keeping little miss in her crib. She is extremely articulate for 2.5 (I know every mom says their child is a genius.) she climbed out of her crib FOR THE LAST TIME at nap yesterday. So I decided it was finally time for a big girl bed. We went to target picked out some new bedding and a new stuffed animal. Got some M&M’s for reinforcement and crossed my fingers that she… Read more »

It has come to my attention several times that parents are misled by the term sleep training. The term has a bad wrap mainly because there are people out there (uneducated quite obviously) who think they should put there sweet newborn in a room and close it from 7pm-7am. There are thousands of posts on the internet dubbing this “Sleep Training” and rightfully so calling it child abuse. I will not go into detail about the specifics of why this… Read more »

Baby R took two nights of minimal crying to transition out of his Rock’n’Play and is only taking 1 night feeding. Here are mom’s notes from night two: 650-lotion/ pjs in room (room dark, sound machine on, soothing music) screaming 7- 4oz bottle 716- in crib, screamed for 10 seconds then fidgeted and fussed 723- sleeping 🙂 1030pm- dream feed – took about 2oz Fri 4/17 5:34am– quietly fidgeting for a few minutes then back to sleep 7:00 – awake but… Read more »

All too often I hear moms say, “My baby doesn’t want to nap! He takes 30 minute cat naps and that’s it!” Well my friend this is common but not normal. What I mean by that is often times babies wake after 30min, 45min, or 50min because they are at the end of a sleep cycle. When baby is used to rocking or nursing to sleep when they get through that sleep cycle and realize that they have been put… Read more »

Baby R fast asleep with his lovey on his face. (a common soothing thing babies do) Baby R is a sweet 6 month old who every night slept on dad to begin with then took a small feeding before he was put in his rock ‘n’ play, he then took one more middle of the night feed and up at about 7. Doesn’t sound so bad right?!?! Well naps were another story. Most naps had to be in the stroller,… Read more »

Although this may come as common knowledge to some, not everyone knows what makes a good sleeping environment for their baby. Many sleep issues such as early rising and frequent night waking at odd times can be explained by a not so ideal room environment. Here are my top 3 tips on creating a cozy inviting room for baby to sleep. #1 Black out curtains: These are essential because when light comes through the window baby can take this as a sign… Read more »

Baby Z’s Mom’s notes on night 3 Afternoon nap: 11:36 put Z down for nap. She seemed very tired at this point and not worth waiting another 30 minutes as we are shooting for 12 PM. I nursed her a little and put her down. She is now crying but I know she is tired. 11:38 I don’t hear a peep! I’m thinking this is a record breaker possibly 1 minute of cry. My Abig sister L happened to be… Read more »

A photo of my son to get your attention 🙂 Baby Z’s next day of sleep training started with her nap (these notes are directly from Z’s momma) Afternoon nap 12:02PM Z was put down in her crib. She seemed pretty tired. Cried pretty hard but here we are at 12:06 and its simmering down quite a bit. 12:07 I peaked through the door and she was on her tummy down to her last soft groan. At this point it… Read more »

Baby Z was a Co-Sleeping Breast Fed 17 month old who had been waking 3-7 times a night to comfort nurse. She took short naps and mom knew she needed a little help in the sleep department. GOAL: Transition Baby Z  to her crib for all sleep (naps and bedtime.) Night wean sweet babe Lengthen naps and ultimately transition to 1 afternoon nap. Method: Modified Extinction Training where there were periodic checks on babe after being set in crib. Although… Read more »

Schedule. It is an intimidating word isn’t it? It sounds rigid and definitely not personalized. When it comes to babies the schedule couldn’t be any more different from what I have just described. A baby’s schedule (at least the way I schedule) is made off of baby’s wake time. What I mean by that is the length of time that baby is awake before she becomes over tired. Often times they are so sensitive to this time, that even being… Read more »

This is baby ‘A’ sleep peacefully in her crib. From birth little miss was swaddled and slept in her swing. These are both tips from Happiest Baby on the Block that I could not live with out. Baby ‘A’ schedule surrounded her optimal wake time. For example at 3 months she was able to stay awake for 45 before she needed a nap. Because I started her routine before the 45 min mark, she happily went into her swing swaddled… Read more »

Hello Welcome to my blog! My name is Mattie Trigo I am a wife and mother of two adorable babies. As a first time mom I made every mistake in the book regarding teaching my son healthy sleep habits. At 6 moths of age my formula fed son was waking every hour and a half to two hours needing a bottle to go back to sleep. Between the broken sleep, 30 minute naps, and the  fact that he woke up at 5:30am every… Read more »