Baby R took two nights of minimal crying to transition out of his Rock’n’Play and is only taking 1 night feeding. Here are mom’s notes from night two: 650-lotion/ pjs in room (room dark, sound machine on, soothing music) screaming 7- 4oz bottle 716- in crib, screamed for 10 seconds then fidgeted and fussed 723- sleeping 🙂 1030pm- dream feed – took about 2oz Fri 4/17 5:34am– quietly fidgeting for a few minutes then back to sleep 7:00 – awake but… Read more »

All too often I hear moms say, “My baby doesn’t want to nap! He takes 30 minute cat naps and that’s it!” Well my friend this is common but not normal. What I mean by that is often times babies wake after 30min, 45min, or 50min because they are at the end of a sleep cycle. When baby is used to rocking or nursing to sleep when they get through that sleep cycle and realize that they have been put… Read more »