Welcome to my blog! My name is Mattie Trigo I am a wife and mother of two adorable babies. As a first time mom I made every mistake in the book regarding teaching my son healthy sleep habits. At 6 moths of age my formula fed son was waking every hour and a half to two hours needing a bottle to go back to sleep. Between the broken sleep, 30 minute naps, and the  fact that he woke up at 5:30am every morning I was at the end of my rope! I NEEDED HELP! That’s when I began my research. I read On Become Baby Wise, The No Cry Sleep Solution, The Happiest Baby on The Block, hundreds of blogs, hundreds of websites and although none of them gave me the exact answer I needed, I was able to come up with a combination of these methods that worked perfectly for my sweet baby. I wrote up a specific plan, put on my big girl panties and started our sleep training journey. To my surprise my method worked! In fact it worked within a matter of two days! My friends, and friends of friends, began asking me how I did it. This is how I began practicing as an infant sleep coach. With my second child I was certain I would not make the same mistakes again. AGAIN I was successful. With the knowledge I had gained from research and helping fellow moms I was able to avoid big mistakes and provide my daughter with smooth transitions.

During this process I spent many nights wishing I had someone to consult. Someone who had answers. Someone I could actually talk to. Someone to tell me what to do. That someone now is me! I am very passionate about helping families get the sleep they need as I know how debilitating sleep deprivation can be. Please view the testimonial page to see what my clients have to say!

In this blog you will find information on common and not so common infant/ toddler sleep issues. Issues ranging from excessive night waking, crib transitioning, sleep regressions, night time routines, short naps, night owls, and of course the early riser!! This blog is here to teach parents techniques to gently help their baby get the adequate sleep they need.

Blessings  and SweetZzzs


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