“Olivia had been co-sleeping, with my husband and I, since she was about three weeks old. Before she was born, I swore I would never allow this to happen because it was very important to me that our  baby  is confident and comfortable to sleep peacefully in her own space. Well, as most of us mommies know, things don’t always go according to plan with our little ones, and with breastfeeding and not being able to successfully pump, we wound up having our sweet baby in bed with us.  This was the only way to get some sleep while still being able to tend to BabyO throughout the night. While I was perfectly content with co-sleeping for the first four months, the older BabyO got – the less sleep Mommy and Daddy got. As she grew, she became more wiggly and more demanding to nurse throughout the night. At about six months old she began waking me every 30 minutes to an hour to nurse.  It quickly became apparent that none of us were getting good sleep anymore. I let this continue for a month before I realized that I could not continue to be the best mommy I could be to my sweet baby girl, if i didn’t get any sleep… Thats when i reached out to Mattie… AND SHE SAVED MY LIFE! haha. I will admit, there are so many negative connotations surrounding the term, “sleep training”, and it made me so nervous about the process. What I learned through this process, however, was: sleep training is beneficial for mommy, daddy, and baby. Mattie helped me realize its not the big scary monster people make it out to be. We talked about the benefits of sleep for baby (and mommy of course) and the importance of uninterrupted sleep at her age. She took the time to learn our individual situation so the she could create a personalized schedule for my little one, keeping in mind things that were important to me. I was so nervous to make this transition.  Not only were we co-sleeping, but BabyO was also being held for all of her naps. If we tried to put her in her crib she would wake immediately and cry. I was convinced this transition would never work since my little one had never slept in her crib.  I knew in my heart, however, that I had to try for the sake of our family. The day before we started our new schedule I prepared a comfortable sleep environment, as suggested by Mattie.  So I knew BabyO would be warm, comfy, and safe in her new sleep environment. I bought her some new (adorable) warm and cozy jammies,  a crib bumper to protect her from the rails since i knew she liked to push her head against them, and  a sound machine for white noise. Armed with all the new information, a personalized sleep schedule, and all the things necessary for babyO to sleep peacefully, from Mattie, I finally felt ready to give the transition a try. That night we started a bedtime routine: bath, then jammies, then nurse and rock to sleep. The second that I laid her down, I started crying (go figure). I was terrified to make this transition partly because of all the scare tactics out there about sleep training. There was so much anticipation to make this change and I was feeling really nervous about how it would go. Now I know all that fear and anxiety was not necessary! Sleep training is the best thing I ever did for my baby, and my family! BabyO cried for 25 minutes the first night, before going to sleep and sleeping peacefully, with only a few wakes and little-to-no tears the rest of the night! The first thing my husband said was, “So, are you telling me we have been only 25 minutes away from restful sleep this entire time?!” haha… The answer was, YES! Since then, BabyO has done great! She now loves her crib and sleeps 7pm-630am every night! She also naps, in her crib, for an hour to an hour-and-a-half, twice a day, with no problems. I feel like I have my life back, and its all thanks to the time and care Mattie provided to help get our sweet girl on track to a peaceful nights sleep! Mattie was always available for me during this transition. She would answer questions day and night… And trust me, I was messaging multiple times a day the first week to brag about our successes and get answers if I felt unsure about something. Mattie is truly amazing and I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to her if you need help getting your sweet baby a peaceful nights sleep.”

Kristena Watson , California

I am a mommy of a 1 and 2 year old. My 2 year old never napped well or slept through the night. Then my daughter came, and because I was nursing her she ended up in my bed to allow me some sleep. At 13 months, she was still in my bed and I became an all night pacifier. My husband and I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully my friend gave me Mattie’s contact information….and in a nutshell, she was a lifesaver. Within 3 weeks, my daughter was out of our bed, in her own crib, and transitioned into her brother’s room sleeping through the night. We had a challenging situation of having a small house without enough bedrooms for us all. Mattie is so resourceful and incredibly responsive. She gave us a realistic plan that we were able to apply right away. She was extremely supportive throughout the process, answering all my questions and helping me to tweak the plan as needed. She is very kind and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to any parent who is having difficulty getting their little one to sleep, even brand new parents who want to be proactive and develop great sleep patterns from the beginning. I wish I had done that, but glad I found her when I did. Worth every penny!

Joanna Rose NY

I reached out to Mattie just last week about starting a positive sleep routine with my 3 month old. Prior to Mattie’s guidance my daughter hardly napped and when she would, would only stay asleep for short periods of time. I wanted to begin instilling positive sleep habits early and with Mattie’s guidance and some minor tweaks to our routine, I now have a napping, sleep champ of a baby! Mattie is extremely responsive to text messages with questions and has been such a massive blessing to our family. I’m so grateful that with her guidance our daughter is getting the healthy sleep she needs

-Janae Reinhardt CA

Mattie just helped us get our EBF 5 month old sleeping on her own. After months of mom not being able to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time, Mattie saved us by breaking down the steps into a simple plan and guiding us through it. In only 2 nights, our stubborn little sweetie has gone down on her own in less time than we ever thought possible. This is baby #4 for us, and while we’re seasoned pros at the way we do things, we tend towards a gentler approach and Mattie made that a reality with as few adjustments as possible. So grateful for her reassurance and personalized care plan. Thanks Mattie! We <3 you!

Sara Thompson CA