It has come to my attention several times that parents are misled by the term sleep training. The term has a bad wrap mainly because there are people out there (uneducated quite obviously) who think they should put there sweet newborn in a room and close it from 7pm-7am. There are thousands of posts on the internet dubbing this “Sleep Training” and rightfully so calling it child abuse. I will not go into detail about the specifics of why this is so wrong (I am sure you can figure that part out)  BUT I need to make it clear that I would never suggest anyone do this.

The methods that I teach from newborn to four months old are extremely gentle and never include any amount of crying without being soothed. (Stay tuned for a post on the 5’s, soothing techniques for baby)

The methods I use for babies between 6 months to toddler  are simple and effective behavior extinction. I use modifications that  fit each individual baby’s needs. I have yet to meet a sleep issue that I wasn’t able to fix. The key to my success is educating parents on how sleep and eventually sleep behavior works. They then can make good decisions in helping their sweet babies develop healthy sleep habits.

If your family is suffering from a lack of sleep due to your sweet baby:

not sleeping/napping

requiring excessive parental intervention to put to sleep or keep asleep

excessively waking in the night

Please contact me I can help you!

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